Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

OMWORD!!! We got our USCIS appointment! I mailed the papers on Monday, January 3rd, and then on Saturday, January 14th, we got a letter saying our paperwork was in order and being processed and then we got our appointment letters today! Our appointment is for next week! Which means...........WE CAN SEND OUR DOSSIER AFTER THE APPROVAL!!!!! So basically, we go get printed, then wait hopefully about a week (maybe two) for approval and then we send our papers of to AWAA to doublecheck before they go to Ethiopia. So our dossier is going out in Feb. Which means we are almost on track. In my way of thinking. In God's way of thinking, we are exactly on track. But now I am happier haha, because our dossier was getting pushed till March and we really didn't want that! It was so frustrating! Now, basically, I think we can send it in Feb.!! I plan to spend any time this weekend when I am not at band making sure I have copies of all the dossiers and then make an appointment with our traveling notary. Then we send it! Along with about a LOT of $$$$. WOOT WOOT!!! Babies, here we come!!!!! :)

P.S. I would just like to add that I have THE BEST in-laws in the entire world. Not only are they amazing people, but Abe's Mom has been sending me some really great books to help us get ready for brown babies! One is on how to raise your internationally adopted child and one is about Ethiopian culture and religion. I know they are going to be super helpful to me as I read them and prepare, and now I don't have to go out and find them! Yayaya! Thanks Kent and Mom <3

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