Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On, pressing on! All my distress is going, going gone! :)

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Yayayayyyy, lots of news on the adoption front! :)

#1. Abe got a full time job! PRAISE THE LORD!!! We have been praying for a job since August and he accepted a job offer last week Tuesday, with Goulds! We are so thankful, because since he has already had 4 coops there, he will already know the routine, managers, expectations, etc., PLUS we don't have to move! He had taken an interview for Philly and we were thinking we would have to go out of state, but not anymore!!! We also received this offer just DAYS before we were supposed to finalize our homestudy, which would mean that we would be required to update our homestudy. This would cost hundreds of dollars. So that was a huge blessing to know before we finalized everything. It will take a little longer now for the finalization, as we have to collect more paperwork, but it is worth it because of the $$$$ saved :)

#2. We had our last homestudy visit today!!! YAYAYYY!!!

#3. Our dossier is basically done....just our I-600A (an application to bring a foreign child to the U.S. and a biometrics (fingerprint) appointment), finishing our family photos, waiting on some paperwork that is in the mail on the way to us, and getting something county and state certified. Piece of cake! I-600A could take a while, but once that is in, I am shipping our dossier off to AWAA. They can process and double check it, and then the plan is to send it to Ethiopia as soon as I hit the big 2-5! :-D

#4. We picked out names for our babies (no specific kids until the dossier is translated and a referral is sent from Ethiopia and accepted). Of course, I am just telling you to tantalize you. Ask me in person or text me if you just can't wait ;)

Okay, I am off to do more paperwork...........there's a light at the end of the tunnel!!! :)

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