Wednesday, October 26, 2011

***Drum Roll***

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Sooooooooooo.............we went to an adoption seminar tonight with the agency we have been working with and with the woman who has been helping us, and...........


Guatemala is being delayed again and the children available are extremely limited in number and are all older. We went to the seminar tonight and our counselor basically told us that Guatemala would be a dangerous choice as the pilot program would be using us a guinea pigs, the children are few, and are older, and Guatemala has decided that instead of 4 agencies from each country, they will only be allowing 2.

While we were at the seminar, we met families who had adopted from Russia (oh my goodness their children were precious!!) and when people were talking about it, Abe and I just looked at each other and were like, okay, this is it. In the car we talked about it and realized that God had used Guatemala to connect us with EAC. He is opening and closing doors, and we are walking through them. :) We are completely at ease with the whole situation and are crazy excited!!! :) So, on Monday we will be sending in our paperwork for Russia. We are jumping off the edge! It's going to be an amazing experience :)

We are trying to think of more fundraisers and ways to make extra money. The bracelets are selling, but we need more people to buy them, as always. :) Once we get past a certain stage in the adoption process, we can apply for grants, but up to that point, we need to be able to pay, and we are trusting God to take us through this without adding debt. So far, between bracelets and selling items around the house, plus some extra shifts, we have about $1,200 to put towards our homestudy and other fees. Slowly but surely! :)


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