Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Patience is a virtue.....

Tuesday, Oct 19th, 2010


We are going to be amazingly patient after all this!!! :) Things move SO slowly and often have to be repeated for no's incredibly frustrating and at the same time, I am learning even more to depend on God and to be patient. I've decided that I want to set up my own adoption agency, or some kind of agency to help me help other people through the adoption process, because no one should have to deal with all this. Actually, doing that isn't a half bad idea..... :)

We got our police reports done! I tried contacting the Rochester police department as well as another police department in the area and they had no idea what I was talking about and turned me down. So did several sheriffs. So after two weeks of pointless phone calls, I tried the Brighton police. They were amazing....the lady told me to just come on in any time I needed to....Abe and I went straight down and had the reports in a few hours. Yay! :)

I have most of the other dossier paperwork assembled except major things, such as our I-600A which I need to send out so we can get another fingerprinting appointment.....

Abe is almost done with this quarter and then he has one more class next quarter. He is looking for jobs and has some interviews next week. Pray he gets a full time job close by!!!

Okay, I'm exhausted haha....goodnight! :) Love you all <3

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