Monday, February 27, 2012

Direct Line to God

So each day that passes makes it harder and harder to wait. We've had so many promises broken, so many expectations dashed to the ground. Every day, no matter how we fight it, this small ray of hope burns inside us. Every morning we ask ourselves, "Could this be the day? Will we know what our children look like today?" And every night, we go to sleep asking God to bring our children to us and to help us wait.

Our pastor made an interesting metaphor at church. He said that if we had the president's number, we would be calling it all the time, just because we could. Even if we didn't like him. Simply because we had the ear of someone in power. In that same reasoning, why do so few Christians really pray, and pray more often? We have the "direct number" to the creator of the universe, the One who is in control of everything.

Although we have been praying constantly, I realized we could be praying more. Instead of constantly thinking about when I should call the head of the Africa program to see if there are any updates, I could talk some more to God. He is my daddy, after all.

Just a thought. :)