Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Friday, February 25th, 2011

So. We have come to the wait, where we know nothing and can do nothing (except pray!). It's been two days and I am already going insane haha. So here's what I have been doing to keep my mind off everything and to prepare as much as possible.

#1. Lyndsay and I have been working on our Movie Fundraiser Night. There will be Facebook announcements, invites, emails, etc. I actually just finished writing in all the details on all 100 card invitations that Lyndsay was so awesome as to provide. :)

#2. Stalking Craigslist furniture. So far, we've bought two beds; both metal red frames; one a twin and one a bunk bed. Both were cheap and in great condition. Now on the look out for dressers/bureaus.

#3. Figuring out a rough daily schedule (yes, I am going way out here, since I know nothing about them and they may not be home for nine more months or so haha!) and a meal plan of sorts, as well as planning holiday stuff.

#4. I just ordered $77 worth of books on adoption and raising adopted children from Amazon....

#5. Starting a baby shower wish list, although that's on hold until we get a referral, because I have no idea what to ask for....

#6. Thinking about and reading up on bonding/attachment plans. Again, waiting to find out how old they are so I can think about that more in depth, but I am starting a binder with tips and ideas.

#7. Compiling my own packing list for ET from many lists provided by other adoptive families. There's so much to think about and to figure out for bringing over care packages and donations, etc.

Now that I am exhausted from thinking about all this, I am going back to watching a movie. Day #2 of vacation from job #1 ;)

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