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Itemized Cost of Adoption List

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

So lots of people have been asking about the cost of adoption. The most common questions are, "Why does adoption cost so much?" and "Where is all that money going?" We don't have the answer to why adoption is so expensive, but we CAN show you where all the money is going. Keep in mind this list is specific to our adoption process through Russia with the goal of bringing home TWO children. Other agencies and countries have varying costs, although the standard is $40,000 per child.

Our Adoption Fees

Application: $200

Registration: $500

Homestudy: $2,200

Post Placement: $2,800

Home Study Review: $450

Dossier: $4,800

Post Placement Admin Fee: $1,100

Notarization, Certification, and Apostille for documents: $1-50 per document. (We have 14 POUNDS of paperwork)

Immigration I-600A: $1,000

Invitation for Visa (3 trips): $1,000

Visa (for all 3 trips): $2,000

Russian Medical Examination of children: $600

Visa Fee at American Embassy in Moscow: $1,500

Registration for childrens' passports :$400

In country medicals: $2,000-4,000

Airfare (3 and the kids): $10,000

Foreign Program Fees: $14,000-$23,000 per child

Hotels/Food/Gas/Drivers/Interpreters/etc.(for 42 days): $15,000-20,000

Orphanage Donations: $2,000

*We COULD get lucky and have the low end estimates for these fees (these are the highest estimates).

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