Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Great Is Our God!!!!

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

WE GOT OUR 171-H IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY! That's our USCIS approval! In other words, MY FINGERPRINTS PASSED!!! And we are approved by the government for two deaf children!!! GOD IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so worried, because I had been hearing and reading that the 171-H could take up to 90 days and then what would happen if I failed? And I have been checking the mailbox like a crazy person, holding my breath each time I open it and then being disappointed every time there was nothing from Homeland Security.

Yesterday I was out of work with the flu and feeling like crap and I asked Abe to check the mail. When he came back in, he was silent and I asked, "Did it come?" He didn't say anything and when I turned, there he was, holding a big envelope. I freaked out and took it, and then was too scared to open it because I was afraid it would say I failed. Abe was like, "Then I'll open it!" and I said, "No!" and grabbed it back and ripped it open. And there, in an astonishingly boring and very unofficial looking font, WAS OUR APPROVAL!

It came just TWO weeks and one day after we had our appointment. February 11th, 2011, what a special day you are! Abe was especially pleased, since 11 is his favorite number. :)

Needless to say, God is incredible and SO gracious. We only had to wait two weeks, and I PASSED, which was a huge concern. We are so thankful for that, and for not having to wait, and it was just an amazing answer to prayer.

Of course, we then spent several hours making sure everything was good to go for our dossier and then this morning we ran to BOA (who didn't have a notary there) and then to HSBC (who saved our lives haha!) where a wonderful lady patiently filled out all the necessary "Notarized Copies of Originals" that we needed. I couldn't stop talking like a crazy person or laughing; I was SO excited! :)

I went to the Post Office, stood in line for a year (okay, fine, like 20 minutes) and then at 11:08am, handed over the last 13 months of my life, all condensed into one envelope. I did NOT want to let those stupid folders go.....13 months of work and heartbreak and prayers......BUT I know it will arrive safely (and it is insured to high heaven!) and it is "guaranteed" to be at our agency Monday by 3pm. And then our family coordinator can go over it and make sure it is set to go. And then after that she will let us know that it is on its way to Ethiopia!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

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