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Monday, April 12th, 2010

Someone who came to our Benefit Concert at RIT put this up for us!

Hey guys and gals!

The t-shirt company I recently started working for, Live Offensively ( ), sells the shirt shown below; a beautiful picture of a little girl that says, "Adoption Begins a Love Story."

I got back from an AMAZING benefit concert tonight at RIT that was held to support a local (Rochester, NY) couple who are adopting two deaf children from outside the U.S. They go to Victory Baptist, for those of you who know that church.

I didn't find out about the concert far enough in advance to sell shirts at the event...


If anyone here would like to support this cause and likes our adoption shirt, you can buy it from our site using this code, 1Penny4Dee, and you will get a WHOPPING $5.99 discount. I will receive only one penny and donate my $4.00 commission to this couple...


...When you get your shirt in the mail, you take a pic of yourself or someone else wearing it, and send it to me by May 1st! I will take the number of people I receive photos from, multiply that by $4.00, and donate that amount directly to the couple. I will get a receipt from them in case anyone wants to keep me accountable. :-)

The photos will allow me track (in a fun way) the number of my "Adoption" shirt sales (normally I only find out the total number of Live Offensively shirts that I sell).

I will treasure your photos for all of eternity... and use them for future marketing! (Unless you don't want me to. In that case, just say so when you send them.)

Photos can be emailed to me:
...or snail-mailed to me: Melody Stence, 1368 Howard Rd., Rochester, NY 14624

If you decide to add another shirt from Live Offensively to your shopping cart, the $5.99 discount will also apply to each additional shirt ordered, and you will get free shipping. Of course, then I would be getting more than one penny...

Remember: 1Penny4Dee by May 1!

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