Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's been 3 months since my last post?!?!?!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Holy cow! It's been 3 months since my last post?!?!? Where has time gone and yet why is it still dragging????? Hahahah :) I keep telling Abe that we are going to wake up tomorrow and be 90 years old. Time is flying by in LIFE but crawling in the adoption.

Let's see, what has happened since the last time I posted....well, mainly, Abe graduated (yayaya!!!) and my family came up to visit for that whole week which was awesome. We had a blast hanging out with them. I had June off from interpreting (minus VRS) and now am working July again and then have August off. Abe's birthday is next weekend and we had our adoption fundraiser movie night which went great!

The fundraiser movie night was awesome. Justin and Lyndsay were so awesome, and did so much for us. We had merchandise to sell donated by the Alleca clan and the church let us use their popcorn machine. And Amy bought me a bag showing adoption support and the proceeds went to Ethiopia! Dawn and Sarah made goody bags and held a raffle. Lisa, Lyndsay, Jacqui, Kerrie, Melissa and I baked desserts to sell. Ryan, Kasey, and Aaron directed traffic and parking. Shari ran the popcorn machine (we really lucked out there because even after hours of research, I felt clueless with that haha!) Everyone was SO amazing and helpful and supportive. It was the best feeling in the world to have you guys show us how much you care about us and our kids!!!! <3 We had about 50 people total (including kids) show up, which wasn't as many as we had hoped, but nonetheless amazing. We watched "Up" on the huge 14x8' outdoor screen and showed our adoption video that I put together (Abe did a little presentation), using pictures from other families who have brought their children home from Ethiopia. We had people donating $$$ weeks before the event and made over $500 the night of, bringing the total to $1,200!!!!!! God is so good. It is so amazing to see His provision and His confirmation that we are doing the right thing.

Other than that, we are still hanging tight, waiting for the phone to ring. Ethiopian courts close August 7th because of the rainy season. Because Ethiopia is a 3rd world country, when it rains, it floods, and people can't get to work. Everything shuts down until October. Which means, if we don't get a referral this month, then the whole process will basically be suspended till October. So another 3 months of nothing. Hopefully God's plan is to give us a referral THIS month (that is my thrice daily prayer.....I mean, begging session! ;)) but it is in His hands and whatever His decision, we are okay with it.

All right, well, I hope I get to post about a referral before the month is out.....keep praying with us!!!!

Oh, P.S. we set up the kids' room (for the most part!)....somehow managed to rearrange our entire house to make the office into a bedroom. We moved our whole bedroom around and put another desk in there, threw out a desk, gave our elliptical away, rearranged and re-stuffed our storage area, and filled our closets to bursting. Now the kids' room is completely empty minus their bunk bed, twin bed, and two dressers. We hung two pictures (posters actually, I bought some awesome photographs from an RIT student) and a huge picture frame to be filled with photos of our family and friends. We plan on buying mattresses during the Labor Day sales. So yeah, the kids' room looks great! AND we got two Ethiopian stickers and put them on our cars. They are in the shape of Africa, say "Ethiopia" and have a heart cut-out where Ethiopia is. Yup. They're awesome. Now we match the Allecas!!! :)

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