Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 4

Today I was able to schedule an important meeting, but not until the later afternoon. So I spent the day getting to know other people at the guesthouse, and Jamberry-ing everyone in sight. I also went rooftop tanning again, which is my new favorite hobby. I don't ever want to leave that roof. 

I can't discuss the meeting, but I am hopeful that good things will come of if. Because of the meeting, I was late to go see Micah. When I got to the orphanage, I was told he had been sitting for over an hour at the gate, anxiously looking for me. They said that the gate had opened once, and he had been expecting me, and when it was not me, he paced at the gate for the next hour. When my car finally pulled up, I jumped out and RAN to the giant gate. I beat on the metal with my fist and the kind guard let me in. Micah was lying on a bench, bent over backwards (just like Z.....he's apparently my male gymnast), blowing on a little party favor horn. I ran up and started tickling him and saw who I was and started laughing and stood up and hugged me. And I squeezed him to death and danced in a circle, because I was insane happy to see to see his beautiful face. 

We went into the school room again and I told him 50,000x that I loved him. He was grinning ear to ear and he nodded, showing me he really understood. He hadn't been worried that I hadn't shown. He was wondering where I was, but he knew I would come, because I had said I would. Guys, his trust made my heart SOAR. 

I took out a workbook/coloring book (How to Train Your Dragon) and he got all excited, telling me he had seen it before. I was like, "Really???" because it seems like such a new movie to be there. The workbook had an exercise where you had to match six dragons with their riders and he smirked at me (SMIRKED!!!!) and matched all of them correctly in about five seconds. And he gave me the ghetto attitude finger and kiss face, which is something I do to him, and I grabbed him and tickled him. 

We did tic-tac-toe, word searches (he found all the words in barely any time!!! Gronckle, Nadder, Night Fury...) matching games, find the object that is different, and mazes. I cannot believe how intelligent this child is: he could do every page in one minutes. He was going faster than even I could. I started recording him just so I could show Abe and the kids because I can't even believe what he was doing. 

We took more selfies on my phone and he asked for Subway Surfer. He wanted me to play, but the first time I died after five seconds in the game and the second time like 30 seconds. 

Because I had gotten there so late, I barely got an hour with Micah. But when I left, he was a confident baby, waving and no stress in his face. It thrilled me. My baby knew I was coming back and he didn't even have to ask. Just hugged me goodbye and said there all calm and with total peace. It was incredible. 

I found out an hour or so later that a super important paper had FINALLY been started in a different city. A permission had been gotten (should be two more to go!) and it sent me over the moon. Because things are starting to happen. And if I hadn't come, nothing would be in progress. I am so thankful and grateful that there was movement today and I pray this weekend or Monday brings the best news. I also got told that there is a possibility that an important person to the case might bring me to the higher levels of government so that I can start acting like a lawyer and convince them to let me have Micah by listing out all the reasons he should be mine. I am praying that they take me to the government. 

I'm so tired I'm falling asleep writing this, so ciao. Day Nada Roo/Ri (good night).

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  1. That's amazing news Marissa! So happy for you, Abe and the kids! Stay safe! Love you <3