Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pictures from Ethiopia

My posts are going to be scattered and out of order. But I thought pictures would be nice, so you could see what we experienced this week with our kids! :)

We wrote our names on some paper together, and we each have a copy so we can put them back together when we see each other again. :)

These little boys sang for money (birr) and they were so precious!

This is a typical house. And it is a lot better than many that we saw.

Our first family time! The bubbles we brought did not have wands so I made one from a weed and we got more laughter from watching me try and blow a bubble than we did from the actual bubbles!

Officially a family after we passed court the day before! :)

Waiting to see our precious kiddos for the first time....

Hanna ran out first and jumped into my arms.

Levi ran to Abe. I was bawling. Like, B-A-W-L-I-N-G.

I couldn't stop crying........prayed and fought so hard for my boy. Look at his face <3

Our little Hanna-Banana. Or in Amharic: "Hanna-Moose". Zahria Hanna Marie Ruper.

My precious precious boy. Levi Tamirat James Ruper.

 Signing with the kids! Levi and Hanna/Zahria are so smart! :)

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