Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ethiopia Diary #2


It's 7:32pm ET time right now. We're exhausted. As in, drop dead, can barely focus exhausted. Actually, Abe has been passed out for a half hour. We arrived back at Yesabi and ate a pop-tart dinner, and then re-sorted and organized all our luggage. We rearranged all the donations and made bags of stuff to give to the street kids. We made a pile of things we brought for Levi and Zahria. Then Abe went to sleep and I went on a hunt for a computer. I found one downstairs; but the connection is slow. Email is virtually impossible. I updated my FB status and wish I could thank everyone and personally respond to the comments but I don't have time. 

Okay, documenting this day is going to be nearly impossible. It was overwhelming and dream like and crazy. We landed in Addis at 7:30am and it took two hours to go through the process of getting a visa, going through customs, and collecting our baggage. We did it without any trouble then, which was a huge relief. We stayed with Carrie and Dave the whole way and it was nice to have friends with us. I thought it would feel weird being basically the only white people in the airport but it didn't. I didn't even notice it. The whole day just felt so weird. We were greeted by Yonas (who is super cool) and we had our first experience tipping.....none of us gave enough money and the guys went to Yonas and complained and then he tried to explain tipping to us. The result is that we are now passing out 100 dollar birr like candy. 
We were rushed to meet our kids right after we arrived. We dumped our stuff in our rooms and were driven to the Transition Home. We were the last family to meet our kids and it happened so fast. Hanna ran out and jumped into my arms and I started bawling. Levi ran out and ran to Abe. I wish I had more time to write how it all felt, but I am too tired. It was completely and utterly amazing; the most incredible experience ever. We played with our kids the rest of the day and they are insanely awesome. We love them so so much.

I can't keep my eyes open. Good night.

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