Monday, August 13, 2012

COURT DATE!!!!!!!!!!

We got a shocker this morning.

We have a court date for Friday morning. 32 hours before we get on a plane. Leaving for Ethiopia on Wednesday morning (5:50am) and coming back Monday afternoon. Meeting our kids this Thursday.



Most people get a couple weeks or at least a week to plan for their trip. I get 1.5 days to plan. Here's how my day went:

-Booked plane tickets ($4,600 for tix alone....)
-Registered our trip with the US Embassy
-Started packing donations
-Made a packing list
-Walked around my house like a moron about 60 times
-Cancelled my life for the next week
-Talked on the phone to a bazillion people
-Forgot how to even use my phone (it's true) to make calls (I felt like an alien)
-Talked to festivals and tried to explain this insane event
-Said, "I don't know what to doooooo!" 20,000 times to myself. And to the dogs. And Carrie and Brandy.
-Found a home for the dogs
-Spent hours carefully writing out required paperwork
-Ate Doritos and cake mix
-Called Abe 12 times
-Stared at my kids pictures to calm me down. 

I was all ready for the "here is your October date" call. I had nothing to do today except cry on my couch and eat chips and watch TV after work. Which is exactly what I did for an hour, and then I was making setlists for this weekend when my phone rang. And then came the bomb.

I seriously feel like everything has exploded.

But did I mention I am thankful? So thankful for everyone in my life. For all the people stepping in to cover my shifts at work. For the gazillion texts and phone calls and FB messages I have received. For the donations. For my band boys trying to cover these shows. I love you guys. And I can't wait to introduce you to my kids!!! If we pass court on Friday, there will be pictures on FACEBOOK!!!! :-D If I can access the internet in Addis of course. ;)

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