Friday, May 23, 2014

The Moments That Kill Me

 Sometimes in life, we have moments that touch us so deeply we can barely breathe. These pictures represent three such moments for me. Zahria randomly wrote this letter (and a song on the back), glued my picture to it and gave it to me. I collaged pictures from when we met the kids to today. And someone sent me a picture of Natalie's hand....and the #100 on it, representing how long it has been since I had to leave her. And all three pictures crushed me, made my heart burst with love, and filled me with wonder. These kids choose me as their mom. They choose to love me. And they are my best friends.

This is Zahria and Levi 21 months ago, and today. Whattttttt............????????????

And Natalie hasn't been counting the days since I left or anything.........

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