Friday, May 23, 2014

Catching You Up

I'm too tired to write. Literally falling asleep typing this sentence. So I am just going to post some pictures. Then you will be able to see our life. :)

                                                                Easter 2014

                                We pulled over at a gas station just to shoot a photo with this sunset. :)

                                I sewed Z a freaking WIG. Myself. With no directions or help.
                                Just a skull cap and hair.

                               We pulled over at an apartment complex for this shot. #photographyfamily

                                    This boy. #iadorehim

                                      Z's birthday. Levi bought her the fashion glasses that she was dying for. :)

                                           This is my lawn-mower man. 

                                 Apartment complex again. What can I say? We got a killer photo.
                                 And a lot of weird looks haha!

                               My favorite hairstyle ever. And it's versatile. Wedding updo or casual ponytail.

                                      Visiting Grandpa and Grandma and Grandpappy. 

                                 Gymnastics practice. #dreams

                                         We are so cool. :)

                                      Grandpappy's hat. 

                                        This is my life. That face. AND that hair. 

                                       She begged me to wear red lips. 

                               She's a born big sister. 

                                     I spent an hour painting leopard nails and she smeared them 1 min later. 

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