Thursday, April 25, 2013

To All the Waiting Mommas:

I know there are a lot of people stuck in the waiting phase.

I know how hard it is to wait day after day and not get a referral, a court date, embassy submission. To check your email over and over, or to carry your phone obsessively so you don't miss a call that never comes.

I know it is hard to see other people's happy emails posted in the support groups, detailing their referrals, trips, and children, and be stuck (indefinitely) WAITING. And hurting.

Honestly, that is the worst part, in my opinion. Not KNOWING is complete torture, and I just want to encourage you to hang in there!!!! I know it is extremely hard and painful and cliche phrases like, "It will be worth it!" and "God has a plan!" don't help, but I promise you, God DOES have a plan that is better than ours. Looking back on these past three years I can now see why a lot of things happened as they did, and it makes sense and I am SO thankful. There have been times in this process when I felt totally abandoned by God and I have thrown temper tantrums like a 4-year old when I was frustrated, and cried my eyes out on more times than I can count. But even though this adoption took longer and was more painful than I ever could have DREAMED, God is unfolding His plan and it is perfect. And I can't imagine my life in any other direction.

And cliche or not, when you look into the eyes of your kids, it WILL be totally worth it. ;)

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