Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Part III

The kids and I wanted to honor their first Mommy, so they each wrote her a letter, which we will be sending. I've typed them up instead of taking a photo, because some of the content is private, and I have edited it out here. Bu these letters are so beautiful that I had to share parts of them.

Get your tissues out.


"Dear W***,

I was hurt but now I am so happy. I love God so much. I love you. I love my American home. I love my  new family. Zahria and I will stay here forever. I will stay here forever with my family. I love them. I love my Ethiopian family. When I grow up, I will be a strong man. I will take care of you and my new family. I am so happy!!!!!! We are happy and we love you. We pray for you. We will always pray for you. We will always be family with you. You are a great mother. Thank you. You are good. My new Mom and Dad are amazing and they sign so much! I love them. They are cool. My new Mom and Dad are good. Before, in Ethiopia, Zahria and I could not talk to each other. Now Zahria signs so much and we talk all the time. I hope you are good. We are good! We will never forget you. I am strong now. I exercise with my family. I run with my Mom and Zahria. I have strong muscles. I love you.



"Dear W***,

We love you. We are happy to be in America. I will never forget you. You are my first mother. And now I have my new mother to take care of me. She always loves me. Don't worry about me, I will be okay. We are so happy in America. My mother takes care of me always. My mother, she loves me forever with all her heart. And I love her too. And my Dad too. We pray for you every day. We never forget you; every day we pray pray pray pray. My Mom wants to take care of me. She wakes up in the morning and works for me every day. We always love you. Forever. We pray for your sickness to heal. Thank you for taking care of me and for being my first Mommy. Can you please hug all my Ethiopian family for me? You are a great Mom. You are so good to me and we love you. We love you forever. With all my heart. My new Mom and new Dad are very good to me. They love me forever. They will never let go of me. I go with them. They are very good to me. Before, you work for me and give me food every day. You take care of me. I'll never forget you. My new Mom and Dad are fun. They play with me.


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