Saturday, March 16, 2013

Levi: 4 Months <3

Levi. My precious Levi. My son whose smile lights up the world around him. I think the first thing everyone EVER says about Levi is, "Look at his SMILE! He just LIGHTS up! There is something so special about that boy. He's going to change the world." This from his doctor, random strangers, other adoption families, my interpreting coordinators, our family vet. Levi has Jesus shining out of him and it is impossible not to notice.

Levi has grown about a half inch (which seems more noticeable since he is now just under my nose)....and is beyond excited for the day we are eye level. Which is coming WAY too soon for me. ;) We wear the same size shoes (I wear a size nine) and he likes to use my sneakers just to rub it in if he takes the garbage out. His favorite food is pizza (he begs for it, and if I say no, he gives me the saddest, biggest-lipped face ever). He desperately wants his own computer (ooooooooooookay), and a red sports car (ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookay). He says he doesn't want to be a police officer anymore. He wants to go to college. And work on a computer like his Daddy.

He can add and subtract now, and this is a HUGE deal because I spent months just trying to teach him basic concepts like 1+1=2 and 2-1=1. He can add and subtract 4-digit numbers (and carry) and he can do some basic multiplication. His handwriting has drastically improved and is now neater than Z's. (And he is left handed!) He can write tons of words from memory, although he does not understand how to string them together. English is definitely a challenge for us. Especially comprehension.We spend a lot of time with a stick of gum, a cup, and a piece of paper. I will write a sentence: "The gum is in/on/under/near the cup," etc., and he has to show me what that looks like.

Levi is a manly snuggle bug. Basically he will hug me and Abe one hundred times a day, but if Abe is around, he doesn't like me to kiss his cheek or pick him up. He pretends to be all macho till Abe leaves for the day; then he will sit next to me and hold my hand, or give it a kiss. He loves to jump in my arms and have me spin him around like a little kid. I think it makes him feel safe and protected, knowing I can pick him up and carry him like I do Z. One day he whined about me kissing him to Abe's face and said he didn't like it, and then a half hour later, I found this note near my phone:

Levi is our personal cheerleader; he always has something positive to say about us. He's always telling me I am beautiful, smart, a good cook, a wonderful mom, and is always adding "Wow" to every sentence. He is my ham....he loves to do silly things and act out stuff. He is always imitating JD's waggle walk and making us fall over with laughter. He loves to tell (LONG) animated stories and to sign songs; he makes up a new song every day. I mean EVERY day. And they are each like ten minutes long. :)

Levi desperately wants a huge afro. Or hair like Abe's. I have explained multiple times that his hair will never look like Abe's but he won't drop it. He wants long ringlet bangs and smooth hair in the back. I've given up. He asks me at least twice a week. I offered to shingle his hair like I do Z's, but he doesn't like that look. His hair has grown a ton since we brought him home (it's 2-2 1/2"), and since he doesn't like braids either, I just condition and squish his curls with some product and it looks good.He's so handsomeeeeeeeeee. :)

He is still working out and running a lot, but not every day anymore. He prefers to sleep now. :) He wants to look like Tony Horton from P90X. He has gotten really good at basketball and he likes to ride his scooter. He does not like baseball. He is dying for soccer season to start here. he was given a drum pad and was crazy about it for a while but hasn't been as motivated to play lately. He is crazy about music loves to "feel" the bass with Abe's special headphones. He loves his axe deodorant and thinks I should wear red lipstick every day (not happening haha). :)

He is such a sweetheart (and a great helper! He is always trying to have me rest while he does stuff for me). I love when he smiles at me when we are doing school, or through the rear-view mirror from the back of the car. When he looks at you, it just warms your heart. I also love when he walks up and just wraps his tiny arms around me and signs, "I love you" while trying to say it as well: "All-Ooow-Ouuuu!" LOVE. HIM.

Levi shows me what it is like to love Jesus with all your heart. That kid adores his Heavenly Father and it's amazing to behold. When he prays, it is the most beautiful thing ever. He's smiling the whole time, and just praising and thanking God. Levi told me he used to beg God for a family, and would cry all the time because he didn't have one. All this friends were getting families and then leaving, and he was all alone. He asked me why I didn't come sooner and all I could tell him was, "I was trying baby. I did everything I could. I fought for you for three years, sweetie." #breakingmyheart #whatotherkidsarewaiitngformerightnow #whatotherkidsarewaitingforYOU?

Levi is my pal; one of my best friends. He's one of my heroes. He's a child who grew in my heart; who claimed me the moment I found out he existed.

Levi is a miracle.

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