Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 3: Natalie Ruper

Ethiopia Day 3

Natalie is officially a RUPER!!!!!!

This morning we went to court at 8:30am. There is a new judge in Ethiopia (the previous judge was promoted) and the whole process was different than it was two years ago when we went for Levi and Z. It was at a new building, and this time, our soon-to-be-official kids didn't come (they had already had a court date previously). Each family went in by themselves while the judge reviewed the case and asked a few questions. 

We were so excited, and when our turn came, we went and sat down. The judge spoke mostly to Abe, and Abe did a great job answering, which was tough, because the judge had a thick accent. Then the all important question came: "Do you agree to have her as your daughter?" (or something like that) and poor Abe couldn't understand him. There was a small pause and I practically yelled, "YES!" At which point, the other official person in the room looked at me and grinned at me. Good times. :)

Levi was exhausted and Abe had a work meeting (that's right, the most important meeting of his work career landed on our court date. Thank you, Skype!) so the two of them went back to the guesthouse and Z and I went to the TH. 

Natalie was napping when we got there. I wasn't sure if we should let her nap, or wake her up to spend as much time as possible with her. We decided to wake her up, figuring that's what she'd prefer. 

We learned that Natalie is an angry bear when awoken from her slumber. She was too sleepy to register who I was and she glared at me like she was going to eat me and then flipped over and fell asleep again in two seconds. Z and I were laughing so hard. She woke up about ten minutes later though, and was happy as a clam. We had a blast playing hide-and-seek, doing gymnastics, playing cat's cradle, Uno, and just being silly. 

Nat asked me how many days till she could fly. Since embassy is running about four weeks, I told her 30 days. She understood full well what I had said but grinned at me and signed, "THREEEE???" and I rolled my eyes at her and told her 30. She laughed and then ran around to every adult and told them "I'm flying in 30 days!!!!" She was THRILLED. I'm praying it IS 30 days or under, or I'm in trouble!

Tonight is the traditional dinner at a delicious restaurant, but I am not going because I am allergic to the incense. Really, I'm allergic to everything but the incense would kill me. So Abe and the kids took off and I'm eating my dinner on a couch in the lobby. The staff here is amazing; I love hanging out with them. :)

Happy happy day!!! Natalie Jasmine Ruper is legally our daughter!!!! 


  1. Congratulations!!! It's so wonderful and inspiring to read about your journey. I keep you all in my prayers and I'm happy that you guys are building such an amazing God centered family, and may it continue to grow : )

  2. That's such great news...praying for a beautiful SUMMER reunion, because that child is in for a rude awakening in about 6 months :) hahaha. I so LOVE your writing...felt like a fly on the wall...which of course I would love to be!

  3. Praise GOD! He is good. Foe some reason I thought you would be home right away, but that's ok.pray your stay will be shorter than 30 . Now I am hoping when I go to N.H. For my reunion, maybe you can come down so I can meet them. You are all in my prayer. Love you

  4. Congratulations!!! My hugs and love to all...just awesome!!

  5. I SO LOVE following your journey to bringing Natalie home! God is good!

  6. Great news. Will you be staying until she can leave or will you have to come back and get her?