Thursday, July 19, 2012

Possibly traveling in August?!?! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...... :-D

The delay on our case has been taken care of! Sorry, no more details than that haha, you know how adoption rolls. The main word to remember is CONFIDENTIALITY! :-p Sorry!!!!! :) But you can rejoice with us and know that it has been resolved (YAY!) anddddddddddd.........................

...........there is a VERY high chance what we will be traveling this summer for court! :-D :-D :-D As in, August. MAYBE.

Ethiopia just announced that its courts will be closing August 22nd.....two weeks later than normal! Since our case is open, that gives us a HUGE chance of being pushed through....especially since a lot of families who got referrals after us have already been given court dates. So...............  :-D Please pray!

If we ARE able to go, there is also a high chance that we will fail court. Because of the delay, certain things need to be changed in the kids' paperwork and if we went in August, that probably wouldn't be enough time for the paperwork to get through all the government we would most likely fail, and then be given a second court date (that we do not have to be present for) and then hopefully we would pass. And wait on an embassy date. If we go now though, at least we could start the wait for a second date and for embassy, instead of having to wait till October or November for our first trip. Guess we will see what God has in store for us............. ;)

During this time, where we MIGHT be traveling in less than a month, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about donations for the orphanage. We will be bringing  as many donations as possible to ET with us (the donations will be most of our luggage!), and if you would like to help and send us some, we would greatly appreciate it, and we know all the kids and orphanage staff would too!!! :)

If you want to send us something, email me at! :)

Orphanage Donation List:

-reusable grocery bags
-infant and children's tylenol
-Vitamin D drops
-Iron drops
-chewable multi-vitamins
-plastic and latex disposable wipes
-clothes (for children 0-15)
-crocs (all sizes)
-hand sanitzer
-lice treatment
-A + D ointment
-diaper rash ointment
-unscented baby wipes
-rattles and other hard, plastic stimulation toys for infants (can be soy)
-Enfamil lactose-free formula
-Parents Choice lactose-free formula (can be soy)

-matchbox cars
-individual bottles of bubbles
-card games
-jump ropes
-soccer balls
-small notebooks
-pens and pencils
-balls (small, or that can be deflated)

You can also send us a monetary donation if you would like and specify how you want it spent towards donations. We just want to bring as much as possible to give out! :) Thank you for considering!!!!!!!!!!

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