Orphanage Donations

Orphanage Donation List: (italicized items are the most needed)

-reusable grocery bags
-infant and children's tylenol
-Vitamin D drops
-Iron drops
-chewable multi-vitamins
-plastic and latex disposable wipes
-clothes (for children 0-15)
-crocs (all sizes)
-scrubs (for the nannies)
-hand sanitzer
-lice treatment
-A + D ointment
-diaper rash ointment
-unscented baby wipes
-rattles and other hard, plastic stimulation toys for infants
-$$$ for formula

-matchbox cars
-individual bottles of bubbles
-card games
-jump ropes
-soccer balls
-small notebooks
-pens and pencils
-balls (small, or that can be deflated)

You can also send us a monetary donation if you would like and specify how you want it spent towards donations. We just want to bring as much as possible to give out! :) Thank you for considering!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. How does one provide money as a donation? Or any of the other items requested for that matter... HAHA